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Join Our Hive

This is a work in progress (and open to feedback and suggestions), but here's the gist...

We are looking to build Community first and foremost.  We at GreenBee believe that any good business has a solid, like minded Community at it's center.  Let's Grow Together, shall we?

How it works

Many of our Services will be offered on a barter or donation system of payment.  We strive to have this option as often as possible, while also ensuring our Hive members receive fair payment.  When neither barter nor donation are applicable or desired, our rates will be discussed upfront and will always bee reasonable.

By Donation is exactly the way it sounds.  For services received, GreenBee will gladly accept cash donations toward our growing business, particularly as we are getting started.  (Read = get on this now while it's still an option!)

Barter is a little more complicated but a super way to allow all members to receive something for something.  Drawing on the model of a CSA, Hive members will have access to the overall, collective offerings of our Community Supported Hive (CSH).

Hive members receive a minimum of one full year of access to the GreenBee-Hive Benefits and CSH.  This membership can easily bee renewed when employing us for any service, no matter how small (our health check service is great for this!).

Hive benefits

  • Bee Part of a growing, kind Community

  • Private Plant swaps, sales and seed sharing

  • Access to Hive-only groups for plant advice and garden support

  • Participate in and/or receive offerings from the Community Supported Hive (CSH)

  • Enjoy and learn about native foods through ongoing Hive events

  • Host your own classes and events to participate in the growing community

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