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For the Outside

"Call a plant beautiful, and it becomes a flower. Call it ugly, and it becomes a weed." ~  Jonathan Lockwood Huie


Our Philosophy

For us, "Home" also includes the space outside our houses.  Our lives are more complete and fulfilling when we spend time in fresh air and nature.

GreenBee's philosophy around how we work with, and recommend, plants to clients is centered on relationship.  It's vital to consider:​

  • the amount of time you want to spend with your plants watering, feeding and overall tending

  • how much water you're comfortable using and paying for

  • short and long term space and goals

  • what plants may be local wildlife favorite meals

  • pollinators!

In my own garden, I often buy a single plant to take for a test run.  Sometimes it gets eaten, sometimes it wants waaayyy more water than I'm willing to give, and sometimes it dies.  But when it thrives, I'm thrilled and get to add it to my list of favorites because it works for me and my garden.  This is what we mean by relationship.  And it's a beautiful thing when you can create a healthy, growing relationship with your plants, trees and overall garden(s) around you.

Services Offered

  • Food Garden guidance & setup

  • Native Plant & Tree recommendations & small scale planting (we are *not landscapers)

  • Garden Growing structures, raised bed planters and other carpentry or metal work (upcycle projects always welcome)

  • Living with Wildlife education and setup of water stations

  • Urban Forests

  • The Foods around Us (native plants & trees) - identification, recommendations, recipes, demos, and education

  • Community Supported Hive (CSH) Member Benefits included for all Clients

*See our Inside page for our inside-your-home services.

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