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Blueberry Upgrade!

While we do live in a Desert, it is far from a food desert. In addition to the many native, edible plants - did you know you can also grow blueberries here??!! It's true. We can. And you can.

We've been growing blueberries here in Tucson for about 5 years. And, unfortunately, our five bushes have been in desperate need of new pots. The soil was compacted, the mix of clay and plastic pots were falling apart and ugly. So... upgrade time!

Blueberries don't like to grow in our Tucson ground due to the alkaline nature of our water, and subsequently the soil over time. Given the size of the bushes, they needed fairly large pots for their next home. After searching a while (large pots are expensive!), we decided to make our own.

Damien (my partner at home and on Green Bee) used to be a scenic carpenter when he was younger and has always loved woodworking. Whenever he has the opportunity, he's happy to build something for us. He made these beautiful new planters from redwood, sealed with linseed oil, and they are about 2'x2' cubes. Perfect for many years of abundant blueberries!

If you're in the market for new planter boxes, raised beds, or any other growing structures - do let us know if we can help! We'll be posting soon about the critter-resistant, customizable veggie house currently in the works too. It's exciting around here!

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